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Sri Venkata Durga Nursery Gardens.
"One of the Best Nurseries in Kadiyam"

“Welcome to our nursery, One of the Best Nurseries in Kadiyam. where a decade of expertise meets your gardening dreams. Discover a world of lush, thriving plants, and trust in our 10+ years of experience to make your green vision a reality.”

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indoor plant
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About us

"We're here to assist garden lovers in creating lush and lively gardens. Let us help you nurture your green spaces to flourish!"

“At Sri Venkata Durga, with a decade of expertise, we’re your go-to destination for quality plants and trees. Proudly serving Kadiyam, Rajamandry, and East Godavari, our trusted nurseries are a hub for gardening enthusiasts. Beyond our local roots, we offer nationwide delivery (all india delivery), bringing the best of greenery to every corner of India. Explore our vast selection and let us be your choice for premium plants, making your gardening journey vibrant and thriving.”

We’re dedicated to bringing the beauty of nature to your doorstep, and we look forward to being a part of your gardening story.

Frequently Asked Questions

we deliver all indian to any locations, our planst are placed in very careful parcel so that it reaches you safely.

Yes, we have nurseries all over andhra pradesh and we have our best plants variety plants at our decated locations in kadiyam,rajamandhry, east godavari, amalapuram and kakinada. we encourage visits to our nursery. Seeing the plants in person can help you make informed decisions about your selections.

Our nursery boasts a wide variety of plants, from ornamental flowers to sturdy trees. You’ll find an extensive selection to suit your gardening needs.

Yes, we provide nationwide delivery services. Our aim is to make the beauty of our plants accessible to gardeners all over India.

Certainly. We are more than happy to share our knowledge and offer valuable tips to help you care for your plants and achieve the best results.

kamisetti Prasad

Farmer & Founder
+91 8074740397

         In the embrace of these trees, we find not just beauty, but the very essence of life. Gardening isn’t merely our passion; it’s our promise to nurture and protect the heartbeats of our green world.

our products

We believe every place deserves
its own green touch.

indoor plant


Customers can explore and select plants that are ideal for adding greenery and beauty to the interior of their homes, offices, or other indoor spaces.It offers a wide variety of plants that are suitable for growing indoors

out door plant focus


Customers can discover the perfect plants to create inviting and picturesque outdoor. It provides options for those looking to transform their outdoor areas with trees, shrubs,
flowering plants.

goa tree


We offer a wide range of crops and plants that are carefully selected to thrive in your garden or agricultural project. We provides guidance and resources to help you find the perfect agriculture plants for your needs.

Why us

Nationwide delivery, Personalized guidance,
Diverse selection.

With over a decade of experience, we bring expertise and a deep commitment to the quality of our plants. We're dedicated to helping you create thriving green spaces.

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" Customer Satisfaction is our Priority "

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outdoor trees
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Quality and Trust

" These reviews showcase the diversity of plants, expert guidance, and the personal touch offered by Sri Venkata Durga Nursery Gardens. "

our garden

"Step into our lush garden oasis through this enchanting video. Explore the beauty of nature in motion."

Play Stations

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Outdoor Play

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Botanical Diversity

Explore a living museum of plant life with a rich tapestry of botanical species.

Rare and Exotic Species

Encounter unique and rare plants that are hard to find elsewhere.

Wildlife Haven

Discover how our garden attracts and supports local bird and insect species.

Specialty Gardens

Wander through themed gardens like the aromatic herb garden, butterfly sanctuary, and succulent wonderland.

Seasonal Splendor

Enjoy the ever-changing beauty of the garden throughout the seasons.

Photographer's Paradise

Capture the mesmerizing beauty of our garden through your lens, creating lasting memories.

"Discover the beauty of nature, one bloom at a time."

"Your journey to a greener, more vibrant world starts here."